I have a full time medical practice, with occasional 12 hour days. I have two very active kids, both of whom are involved in club sports. I exercise for 45 minutes three, maybe four times per week if I’m lucky. I wouldn’t make it onto the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine, but I’m in the best shape of my life, and more importantly, I feel amazing.

Some of my health gains are the result of willpower and motivation, but the biggest gains have come simply from gaining knowledge. Throughout my life, I’ve lived by the motto, “There’s always a better way.” I strive to find the most effective way to do things with the least amount of effort. I’ve applied this approach to my own personal health and to helping others make their own health improvements.

For too long we’ve accepted the conventional wisdom of nutrition and fitness.  Unfortunately, it’s lead to anguish and frustration for many people.  As you explore this website, we want you to shed all your preconceived notions about health and nutrition at the door. We will introduce you to some dramatically different perspectives—and yes, we will show you that there is a better way.