I’ve gone on a 72 hour fast, stayed awake for over 48 hours and fueled a 115-mile bike ride with nothing but cream cheese and water. All of this was done in an effort to understand a few physiologic principles, with the goal of improving my health. I’ve been a medical doctor for almost 20 years, during which I’ve come to realize that a big failing of medicine is that it doesn’t do much to help people feel good. Medicine is great at curing sick individuals, but it doesn’t really address the needs of healthy people. Cardiology can heal a failing heart, orthopedics helps mend broken bones and psychiatry can bring the dysfunctional brain back to center, but if all of those areas of your body are already working fine, what field of medicine helps you achieve optimal physical and mental health?

This is the goal of our website. Using what we know about modern medicine, human physiology and human nutrition, our objective is to help people reach their health potential. This may mean helping people get to their ideal weight, improve their exercise performance, sleep better or to experience more energy throughout the day. We’ve pulled together the best researchers to comb through medical literature to bring to light all the myths and misconceptions scattered throughout the internet. Ultimately, it’s about bringing you better health and helping you feel extraordinary.